Armstrong: The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon

Editor's Choice

I happened upon this book at the library while killing some time and decided to bring this one home based solely on the beautiful artwork. We read it and it was a hit with both of my girls, not only for the illustrations but also for the perseverance of the mouse in the face of adversity. This book sparked quite a conversation with Charlotte, my 2nd grader (soon to be 3rd)!

Set in the 1950’s, the story is about a little mouse’s infatuation with the moon, which he observes every night with his gigantic telescope. When he shares his observations with his friends, including that the moon is made of rock, he is resoundly rebuffed because the other mice are convinced it’s made of cheese:

“The moon is a round ball and has holes in it. Sometimes it is as yellow as Gouda, then as white as Camembert, or even as reddish orange as Leicester. And now all of a sudden the moon is supposed to be a ball of stone?”

He tries to convince them many times with his evidence, but to no avail. After a trip to visit the “mouse-flying machines” at the Smithsonian, he is inspired to become the first to land on the moon.  Many gorgeous illustrations document his progress toward his dream: research at the library, classes at the university, and trial and error in the design and construction of his spacesuit and rocket (not without a few mistakes).

Finally comes the launch! Space travel and moon exploration is breathtakingly depicted and when he returns he is met by his mouse friends, who now welcome him a hero!

The end of the book ties in the title and the events of the July 1969 moon walk by Neil Armstrong. A short history of space travel is also included.

Author Torben Kuhlmann
For Ages 4 to 8 years
Pages 128 pages
Format Hardcover

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