Elena’s Serenade

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A fantastical tale of a little girl determined to follow her dream of becoming a glassblower, Elena’s Serenade is a filled with beautiful, stylistic illustrations of her journey.

“Who ever heard of a girl glassblower?” This is the answer from Elena’s father, a glassblower in a little town in Mexico, when she asks him to teach her how to blow glass. Angry and frustrated at this response, she takes her brother’s advice and she sets out on a quest to Monterrey, Mexico, where the great glassblowers are, by herself but disguised as a boy. Along the way she discovers that she can play music on her the glass blowing pipe. When she plays “Burro Serenade” a burro appears and agrees to give her a ride; she then uses her pipe to play songs that help other animals in trouble on the journey. She finally reaches Monterrey and at her audition for the boss she plays a song called “Estrellita,” about a little star, and makes a glass star. She gets the job! After making stars for a while she thinks of the animals she helped on her journey and decides to switch her song to “La Golondrina,” about a swallow gliding over the sea. A swallow appears and she continues to blow until the bird becomes big enough to ride; she plays “La Golondrina” again and rides the bird all the way back to her home to show her father what she can do. She disguises herself as a boy once again and performs “La Mariposa” to create a butterfly for her father. As the butterfly floats from her pipe she reveals herself to her father and he is overjoyed.

Author Campbell Geeslin
Illustrator Ana Juan
For Ages 4 to 8 years
Pages 40 pages
Format Hardcover

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