Iggy Peck, Architect

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This story in verse about a little boy with a gift for building is a fun read. The illustrations and text moves us through Iggy’s desire to build, starting as a baby with a dirty diaper tower.

   “Good Gracious Ignacious!” his mother exclaimed.

“That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!.”

But her smile faded fast as a light wind blew past

and she realized those diapers weren’t clean!

His spirit is dampened by his second grade teacher, who can’t stand his passion due to a tramatic childhood incident. When things go wrong on a field trip, Iggy and his classmates come to the rescue using their design and building skills.

Author Andrea Beaty
Illustrator David Roberts
For Ages 5 to 7 years
Pages 32 pages
Format Hardcover

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