The Quiltmaker’s Gift

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The quiltmaker in this book reminds me of my mom, who also was a quilter 🙂   A good bedtime story about finding true happiness. Each page in the beautifully illustrated Quiltmaker’s Gift highlights a different quilt block pattern whose names relates to the unfolding story.

A magical quiltmaker designs the most beautiful quilts in all the land, but will not sell them for any amount of money – she gives them away to the poor.

When the greedy king hears of her gorgeous creations he orders her to make her one; she agrees only if he will give away all of the priceless treasures he has been hording in his castle. Thinking these objects make him happy, he refuses and attempts to punish the quiltmaker, but each time she is saved by using her gifts to help others.

The king finally agrees and embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads him home with no possessions but profoundly happy – it is then that she gives him the quilt she promised and he has a gift for her as well.

The Quiltmaker’s Journey, the prequel to The Quiltmaker’s Gift, tells the story of how the Quiltmaker became the maker of the most beautiful quilts and why she gives them away.

Author Jeff Brumbeau
Illustrator Gail de Marcken
For Ages 4 to 8 years
Pages 56 pages
Format Hardcover

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