July 2017 Giveaway Book:

Rosie Revere Engineer

And the winner is Lisa from Michigan, the recipient of July 2017’s Monthly Book Giveaway!

Rosie Revere, Engineer

A charming story about imagination, perseverence, and the importance of learning from failure. Rosie is a budding engineer who loves to tinker with found things to create awesome inventions, from hot dog dispensers to helium pants. She is thrown for a loop when her favorite Uncle Fred, a zookeeper, laughs at the hat she’s made him that will keep snakes off his head; this hat is equipped with a propeller that disburses cheddar cheese spray – “which everyone knows keeps the pythons away.”

After this embarressing episode, Rosie hid away the cheese hat and kept her dreams to herself until one day her Great, Great Aunt Rose came to visit (also known as Rosie the Riveter). When Aunt Rosie expresses her sadness at not ever having flown, in spite of all of her other accomplishments, little Rosie starts dreaming of how she can help her aunt achieve this long-lost goal.