October 2017 Giveaway Book:

The Quiltmaker’s Gift

Congratulations to Debbi from Illinois, our October 2017 winner!

The Quiltmaker’s Gift

I was drawn to this book because the quiltmaker in the story looks like my mom, who was also a quilter 🙂 My girls ended up loving it because it is a charming tale of finding true happiness.

Readers are treated to fanciful illustrations of the magical quiltmaker, who makes the most beautiful quilts but will not sell them at any price, but gives them away to the poor, and a greedy and angry king who theatens her with terrible consequences if she won’t make one for him.

After enduring several harrowing episodes with amazing aplomb, she makes him a deal – he must give away all of his many priceless treatsures that he has been hording in his castle, and then she will make him a quilt.

The king embarks on a journey of self-discovery, ending with a beautiful quilt from the Quiltmaker, but which really leads him to true happiness.

Each page in this big, beautiful hardcover edition features a different quilt block that relates to the unfolding story; the front and back inside binding also feature and name these blocks.